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Jonathan 'Chaka' Mahone 

is a storyteller through visual art, film/video (Uplifted), music (Riders Against the Storm), fashion (NefrFreshr), and events (Divine and Conjure Enterprises, Body Rock ATX).  He believes in the power of art, and the importance of the artist as a community catalyst for social and cultural change, economic development, healing, planning, and collective conversation.   Through life experience, Chaka has learned that the story we tell ourselves is one of the most significant determinants of:  how we feel, when we find our purpose, what we consider possible, where we end up, and why we end up there.

The idea for DAWA materialized through personal life experience on his journey to fulfill a vision for himself as a full-time self-employed artist.  Chaka found many mental, psychological, financial, and spiritual potholes along this road to fully realizing his purpose.  Depression, anxiety, and homelessness were frequent threats.  Without community, a loving family, and friends that could catch him during these low moments, Chaka most likely would have never arrived where he is today. 


It truly takes a village, and many do not have one.  

DAWA is Chaka's offering.  It is a gentle hug, and reminder to all who walk this road: you are worthy, you are welcome, you are loved, you are necessary.  Don't give up.  We need your medicine.  Take some of ours, so you can continue to share yours.  Axé.

Photos by Jonathan Rash

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