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Jonathan 'Chaka' Mahone 

is a storyteller through visual art, film/video (Uplifted), music (Riders Against the Storm), fashion (NefrFreshr), and events (Divine and Conjure Enterprises, Body Rock ATX).  He believes in the power of art, and the importance of the artist as a community catalyst for social and cultural change, economic development, healing, planning, and collective conversation.   Through life experience, Chaka has learned that the story we tell ourselves is one of the most significant determinants of:  how we feel, when we find our purpose, what we consider possible, where we end up, and why we end up there.

DAWA is Chaka's offering and vision.  It is a gentle hug, and reminder to all who walk this road: you are worthy, you are welcome, you are loved, you are necessary.  Don't give up.  We need your medicine.  Take some of ours, so you can continue to share yours.  Axé.



Monique Hatch

enjoys many activities, but especially those that allow her to express herself through movement and sound. She is currently in 2 West African Dance ensembles and, randomly, she'd like to be able to sew a shirt by the end of the year. She is passionate about creating opportunities for the BIPOC community and supporting the growth of people that identify as such. 

As the manager of the DAWA fund, her goal is to work towards the fund being sustainable over the long term by establishing partnerships and securing additional funding sources as necessary. She also intends to establish partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders in the community to increase the fund's reach and impact.



Ever Calderon

is a self-taught audio and video systems engineer, specializes in livestream broadcasting and production. His expertise was critical to the technical direction of DAWA Studios, and has been utilized to produce multiple livestreams in partnership with SXSW, Love,Tito’s, Six Square, and The Pershing. Love for electronics, seeing new people and places, and community brought him to DAWA.

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