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In collaboration with SXSW, and other partners, Vision:8291 emphasizes using artistic, entrepreneurial, and cultural assets within the Austin BIPOC community to invest in and develop BIPOC-led grassroots organizations.

"DAWA’s Unity Concert Brings Together Austin’s Rising BIPOC-Led Acts"

Showcase kicked off a week of creative Vision:8291 programming

'Between bringing out a number of guest speakers from community organizations between sets, Mahone added, “Community is our greatest technology, because before the phones, before any of that, we had each other. If we knew that more, then we wouldn’t have to have so many things.” '


"Jonathan 'Chaka' Mahone from Vision:8291 talks about what's going to help raise awareness about Black and Brown communities. The local non-profit is trying to reverse the effects of the city's 1928 master plan which broke up those communities and forced them to relocate to East Austin."


"Local non-profit highlights communities of color for SXSW 2023"

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