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DAWA honors, celebrates, and empowers the essential work of community frontliners and creatives of color through direct financial support, and culturally relevant health-centered programming.


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Beyond the immediate financial impact, providing human-centered, low-barrier cash assistance allows people to be seen, and feel supported, creating a lasting impact on their mental and emotional health/well-being.

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Prioritizing 'Community Frontliners' has an amplifying effect on the entire community. Nourishing THEM, nourishes the whole community.



“We want to build a robust ecosystem that locates, develops, and empowers the incredible artists and organizations that are underrepresented here in the city. As an organization, we are building the structures that I wish were here when my wife and I moved to Austin 12 years ago. Now is the time to build our own resources and tell our own stories.”

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creatING opportunity

'As the world shut down, devastating the Austin music industry last year, Mahone went to work. Through his nonprofit DAWA (Diversity and Wellness in Action) he raised close to $100,000 in emergency funds to support people of color creatives, teachers and healers who are in crisis.' 

Austin American Statesman

Deborah Senguptah Stith

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