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Providing direct financial assistance to BIPOC 'community frontliners.'

Why DAWA Fund?

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A 2022 study on cost of living ranked Austin, Texas as having some of the highest cost of living increases in America.

This reality disproportionally affects creatives and communities of color, pushing them outside Austin proper.


After rent, commutes, and living expenses, DAWA believes BIPOC community frontliners should not have to abandon their passion to serve simply because financial resources are not made available.

DAWA's mission is to proactively and creatively be a part of bridging that gap.

Since 2019


Race Demographics

More than 1,200 recipients have received a total of
$243,000 in 4 rounds of distribution (including $30,000
during winter storm Uri).

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Gender Demographics

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CENTERING and PRIORITIZING BIPOC givers, creators, and healers builds a stronger and more resilient community.


NOURISHING THEM has an amplifying effect that impacts and benefits EVERYONE.

Profession Demographics

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In May 2023, 300 BIPOC Community Frontliners received
$90,000 ($300 each)

We received 400
applications within 48 hours for 300 spots

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